Computer Science Engineer

Master of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in the field of cryptography and communication systems.


  • IT Engineer - Master Thesis2016 (6 months)

    SecuTix - Lausanne, Switzerland

    Development of a new monitoring platform for the company private clouds based on machine learning as methods based on thresholds or simple trends have come to their limits. We applied leading-edge machine learning techniques to detect abnormal operational conditions on technical and business data before they become incidents. The new platform is based on the existing monitoring/sensors infrastructure (RRDTool, Nagios, Cacti, CheckMK, ElasticSearch) and completely integrated into the alerting system. This platform reduced the running cost by greatly diminishing the number of alerts sent to the support team.

  • IT Engineer2016 (6 months)

    PSiDEO (Intership) - Geneva, Switzerland

    Improved an existing solution for easily software/update deployment on client platforms directly by the client himself using SCCM. The solution is web based and enable the client to manage his IT infrastructure : creating/updating local platforms for departments/offices, deploy software automatically on platforms/machines, monitor the update deployment or request support. The performance of this tool has been greatly improved by caching all the SCCM data in Microsoft SQL database.

  • Co-founder - CTO2015 - Present

    Watanoo - Madrid, Spain

    Start-up operating in the field of the small jobs between people. Conception, realization and test of the principal backend server and of the web-site. Development of the API and manager of a team composed of two professional developers.

  • Co-founder - CTO2013 - 2014

    Tempmonitor - Lausanne, Switzerland

    Start-up specialised in the temperature sensors for the food industry. Awarded by the Start-Up Weekend of Switzerland. Concpetion, realization of the hardware (Arduino) and of the backend server collecting the measurements.

  • Software Developer2013 (2 months)

    Meliora Capital (Internship) - Lausanne, Switzerland

    Developed a quantitative model for measuring risk in relation to online Texas Holdem Poker. Usage of lookup table and bit-field representation assuring high performance computing. Usage of Monte Carlo method for high quality estimation in a short time.

  • Student Assistant2012 - 2015

    Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) - Lausanne, Switzerland

    The job of a student assistant is primarily to answer student's questions about the courses or exercices during the exercices sessions or on web forum. The assistant has to make the link between the teaching team, the professor and the students. I had also the occasion to participate to exam preparations, exam watching, exercices grading or to give feedback about the courses.

    Student assistant for several first-year and second year courses at EPFL :
    - Programming (Java), Chemistry faculty, with Stojilovic Mirjana, String Semester 2015
    - Information, computation, communication, Computer Sciences faculty, with Nicolas Macris, String Semester 2015
    - Analysis II, Mathematics faculty, with Wittwer Peter, String Semester 2015
    - Information, computation, communication, Computer Sciences faculty, with Ronan Boulic, Fall Semester 2014
    - Discrete Mathematics, Computer Sciences faculty, with Urbanke Rüdiger, Fall Semester 2014
    - Analysis I, Mathematics faculty, with Wittwer Peter, Fall Semester 2014
    - Analysis II, Mathematics faculty, with Wittwer Peter, String Semester 2013
    - Analysis I, Mathematics faculty, with Wittwer Peter, Fall Semester 2012
    - Information sciences, School of Computer and Communication Sciences, with Jean-Yves Le Boudec, Fall Semester 2012

  • Web developer2008

    Osinux - Annecy, France

    Creation of the internal website of the company (company in the field of servers maintenance). Creation of a client manager (customer information, incidents reports, biling) in PHP/MySQL on a Linux environment.


  • Master of Science (M.S.), Communication Systems2014 - Present

    Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne

    Master of Science in Communication Systems with Information Security specialization (Cryptography, IT Security, Media Security).

  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Computer Science2013 - 2014

    National University of Singapore

    Exchange student (one year) in computer science with financial courses.

  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Computer Science2010 - 2014

    Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne

    Bachelor of Science in Computer Sciences and Communication Systems with Mathematics orientation (stochastic processes, algebra, signal processing).

  • Baccalauréat, Electrical and Electronics Engineering2007 - 2010

    Lycée Lachenal - France

    French baccalauréat. Global average : 17/20 - First class honors (summa cum laude).


  • Analyzing how mobile applications access our personal information2015

    Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne

    Developed an python automation tool based on real usage data statistics using ADB Monkey Tool in order to simulate a realistic usage of the smartphone. Analysis of the permissions requests done by the simulated applications using machine learning tools (PCA, K-Means, Correlation analysis, Neural networks). Creating of a malicious behaviour profile capable of finding applications that are abusing of resources (successfully detected dozens of popular applications who collected private information).

    Graded as 5.5/6. Publication of this work in a conference (August 2016)

  • Open Source Domotic platform2014

    Personal domotic and weather station project with an Arduino UNO. This project is constituted of two part : the hardware part, with low level programmation (I2C bus, logic software interruptions) and a high level controller : Java for logic and PHP/AJAX for visualization. Usage of a remote server to safely store the information collected by the weather station (temperature, humidity, radiation beta and gamma).

    GitHub project link

Programming Skills

  • Java

  • C/C++

  • C#


  • Javascript


  • Shell/Perl

  • PowerShell

  • MatLab/Octave

  • R

  • Sage/Python

Graphics and media skills

  • Lightroom

  • Photoshop

  • GigaPan

  • Illustrator

  • Latex

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